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This wiki was created and is maintained by Nick Morgan.


Nick Morgan was born in 1960 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Both his parents loved classical music. As a child, Nick did not learn to play an instrument or sing. Instead, hearing his father's LPs paved the way for his sudden and complete conversion to classical music at fourteen.

As a teenager, he tried to play the flute and piano but he was too impatient and preferred to listen to records and broadcasts, go to concerts, follow scores as best he could, and read avidly about music.

Only in his thirties did Nick learn the rudiments of harmony and counterpoint at evening classes given by Birkbeck College, London, UK.

In 2006, Nick gave up paid employment and took up a Sheffield University and British Library Concordat PhD studentship in the history of recordings, under the aegis of CHARM. The subject of Nick's research was the National Gramophonic Society of Great Britain. Funded for three years, Nick took more than six to submit his thesis and receive his PhD degree.

Since 2013, Nick has conducted private research in discography and recording history. In 2016, his thesis was published as a print-on-demand book by CRQ Editions of Sheffield, UK.

Nick has also written CD reviews and booklet notes, and he translates publicity material and programme notes for the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Bamberg, Germany.


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